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This is a bare bones bibliography. It doesn't mention translations, appearances in Year's Best editions, or award nominations. If you are interested in more complete information you can look at my entry in the Internet Science Fiction Data Base, or just click on individual story titles below. Clicking on book titles takes you to Amazon. You could also try my entry in the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.
The Chaos Function (2019) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / John Joseph Adams Books

Life On The Preservation  (2013) Solaris

Harbinger  (2009) Fairwood Press


Are You There and Other Stories (2009) Golden Gryphon HC / Fairwood Press TP

The Whole Mess and Other Stories (2023) Fairwood Press 

SHORT FICTION (First appearance only)

Hardwood (2003) Glyph

The Apprentice (2003) Whispers From The Shattered Forum

Dead Words (2003) Asimov's

Reunion (2004) On Spec

Rewind (2004) Asimov's

Scatter (2004) Asimov's

The Tree (2005) On Spec

Bean There (2005) Asimov's

Overlay (2005) Asimov's

Are You There (2006) Asimov's

Life On The Preservation (2006) Asimov's

Girl In The Empty Apartment (2006) Asimov's

Two (2007) Talebones

The Chimera Transit (2007) Asimov's

Scrawl Daddy (2007) Asimov's

Thank You, Mr. Whiskers (2007) Asimov's

Everybody Bleeds Through (2007) Realms Of Fantasy

Strangers On A Bus (2007) Asimov's

What You Are About To See (2008) Asimov's

Double Occupancy (2008) Polutexni

Alone With An Inconvenient Companion (2008) Fast Forward 2

Cat In The Rain (2008) Asimov's

Einstein's Theory (2009) On Spec

Rescue Mission (2009) The Solaris Book Of New Science Fiction, Volume 3

Human Day (2009) Asimov's

The Avenger Of Love (2009) Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Here's Your Space (2009) Are You There and Other Stories

The Flow And The Dream (2011) Asimov's

Free Dog (2011) Asimov's

Steel Lake (2011) Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book Of Science Fiction

Arlington (2013) Asimov's

Tribute (2015) Mission: Tomorrow

Salvage Opportunity (2016) Clarkesworld / READ * LISTEN

Licorice (2016) Now We Are Ten

The Savoir Virus (2016) Asimov's

The Despoilers (2016) Clarkesworld / READ * LISTEN

The Whole Mess (2016) Asimov's

Destination (2017) Asimov's

Mine, Yours, Ours (2017) Chasing Shadows: Visions Of Our Coming Transparent World

Assassins (2017) Clarkesworld / READ * LISTEN

The Last Garden (2017) Lightspeed / READ * LISTEN

The Sum Of Her Expectations (2017) Clarkesworld / READ * LISTEN

Straconia (2018) Asimov's

Dream Interpretation (2021) Asimov's

The President's Drone (2023) The Whole Mess and Other Stories

The Ledgers
 (Forthcoming 2024) Asimov's


Story Notes (2009) Are You There and Other Stories

Truth, Art, And Grocery Money (2010) Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep / BOOM! Studios

On The Road With Jack Cady (2017) Introduction to Singleton, by Jack Cady 

The Writing Life
 (2023) Biographical essay, The Whole Mess and Other Stories/s
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