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The Chaos Function

In the near future, war reporter Olivia Nikitas stumbles upon the power to change the direction of history. But saving the world means sacrificing the one person who holds the key to her personal salvation. See more.

Life On The Preservation

A troubled graffiti artist is forced to redefine reality when he discovers he is the only real human in a city populated by androids who look and behave exactly like the people they have replaced. Soon a girl arrives from the outside world, and life on the preservation gets even weirder. See more.


Ellis Herrick awakens to find himself transformed by a mysterious power. For the next two centuries, he pursues answers to the riddle of his immortality, a journey that takes him from the irredeemable past to the far reaches of outer space. See more.
Are You There and Other Stories

Are You There and Other Stories

A collection of twenty-six short stories that first appeared in Asimov's, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and other magazines and anthologies. Includes the Sturgeon Award nominated "Dead Worlds" and the short story that inspired the Philip K. Dick Award finalist, Life On The Preservation. Available in a collector's edition hardcover as well as trade paperback. Both editions feature a cover by Hugo and World Fantasy Award winning artist John Picacio and an introduction by Nancy Kress. The trade edition includes one additional story, "Free Dog," as well as two essays on writing. See more.
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